Smart Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the foundation for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories. Factory machines, infrastructure, management systems, etc. all of which are becoming increasingly connected as industry players invest in innovative solutions to streamline operations to better manage resources, equipment, and the safety of personnel and the environment. 

The ability for machines, devices, and people to communicate with each other in real-time will result in vast amounts of shared data to improve key areas of the manufacturing process as well as support workers by providing newly available information. Even more mind-blowing, cyber-physical systems can make autonomous decisions to free up more time and labor for the human workforce. 

A network of sensors providing workers with real-time data via the Cloud is a powerful tool that can affect all aspects of the manufacturing process. Here are a few benefits of LoRaWAN® technology solutions being implemented in factories:

Detection of smoke, leaks, and fires and general air quality and temperature control.
  • Monitoring the presence and flow of liquids in pipes and tanks.
  • Monitoring conditions of equipment, machines, and facility infrastructure.
  • Monitoring the safety and security of personnel and assets.
  • Monitoring of battery power levels, and machine energy consumption.
Source: LoRaWAN® Vertical Markets

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