Smart Logistics

Real-time, transparent, and seamless indoor/outdoor tracking of assets and optimizing logistics and supply chains have long been the focus of some of the most innovative companies around the globe. IoT and LoRaWAN® technology is on the cusp of ushering in a whole new era of end-to-end supply chain monitoring over long distances at low cost. 

Smart logistics solutions offer unprecedented visibility and accuracy throughout the modern supply chain. Once an operation lays down the network infrastructure, which is flexible enough to integrate with legacy systems, connected indoor-outdoor sensors can be deployed within facilities, cargo containers, pallets, trucks, boats, planes, etc. Data can then be shared via new applications or a company’s existing Logistics Information System. Managers receive alerts on any anomalies, delays, or misplacements that occur from points A to B. 

The low-power, long-range capabilities of LoRaWAN® technology make all this possible. No other solutions provide dynamic, real-time visibility and transportation management capabilities over wide distances by land, sea, and air. LoRa®-powered tracking devices and sensors can be mounted on containers, vehicles, and within returnable assets, continuously sending data on conditions and locations for months or even years without changing batteries. 

When it comes to returnable asset tracking, these manufacturers have embraced LoRaWAN®. They can better ensure that assets such as metal racks used to carry vehicle parts between supplier factories, warehouses, and assembly signs are returned to their original locations for reuse. This continuous cycle represents significant cost-saving.

Source: LoRaWAN® Vertical Markets

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