Browan's actions against the T-Mobile 3G sunset in the USA

T-Mobile will have its 3G network sunset in July 2022 and has informed Quectel. Since Quectel’s LTE Standard EC25-A modules have the Ue_Usage_Setting, which basically tells the network what's more important for that UE (voice or data) configured as Voice Centric, if the user device does not support VoLTE after T-Mobile’s 3G sunset, the network service of the device will be shut down by then. Therefore, T-Mobile requires Quectel and its customers to modify Ue_Usage_Setting from Voice-Centric to Data-Centric when performing T-Mobile certification and actual network use.
Browan has taken necessary precautions and will have a new firmware in order to avoid cellular disconnection if you are using a T-Mobile SIM card.
  • Micro Outdoor Gateway US version
    • OPDK Packet forwarder version (1.01.xx)
    • AWS IoT Core version (3.00.xx)
  • Pico Next Gateway US version
    • Generic version (1.0.xx)
  • Micro Outdoor Gateway US version
    • OPDK Packet forwarder, resolved it by version 1.01.25, download here.
    • AWS IoT Core, resolved it by version 3.00.27, download here.
                * Please update the firmware file on your official website.
  • Pico Next Gateway US version
    • We will release the OTA firmware update at the end of June, at that time the user just needs to press the below "CHECK NEW FIRMWARE", the OTA update will be performing automatically.