About Browan
BROWAN COMMUNICATIONS is a professional wireless equipment company founded in 1999. We are one of the Gemtek Group’s companies that are focusing on leveraging the wireless technology Know-How accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of the Internet of Things.

BROWAN focuses on the integration of wireless technology such as W-iFi, BLE, LTE, and LoRa to customize products for different multitudes of customers in the vertical applications of IoT.  Headquartered in Taiwan, BROWAN’s innovative solutions combine proven, mature carrier/enterprise application integration technologies that are constructed upon a service-oriented and event-driven architecture.

BROWAN's value proposition is to serve the IoT market from customized design services, and consultative engineering to the commercialization of the products, to support our customers in applying our products to their IoT business plan and resulting in sustainable and successful IoT network services.

BROWAN Communications, as a Gemtek Group’s Company, builds on the pioneering foundation of Gemtek’s LPWAN venture and extensive wireless communication technology know-how accumulated over the years, continuing to provide state-of-the-art IoT end-to-end solutions and value-added services to customers. BROWAN is unequivocally devoted to helping the world realize the vast potential of an IoT world by offering competitive, comprehensive, and compatible IoT products.
Browan History
  • 2023
    Browan is selected as the top 1000 elite enterprise of 2023 the 10th D&B SME ELITE AWARD
  • 2023
    Browan is rated by CRIF as one of the Top 5000 Large Companies in Taiwan
  • 2022
    Browan is rated by CRIF as one of the Top 5000 Large Companies in Taiwan
  • 2021
    Browan to be selected as the top 1000 elite enterprise of 2021 the 8th D&B SME ELITE AWARD
  • 2020
    Browan reached a record high of over double revenue than 2019
  • 2019
    Browan acquired Gemtek's LoRa product line and targeted at IoT market
  • 2018
    Browan was granted Type II Telecommunication Operator permit in Taiwan
  • 2017
    Browan delivered 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers to the largest security company in Taiwan
  • 2016
    Browan launched LoRa Gateway Management System for configuration and fault management of LoRa Gateway
  • 2015
    Browan launched Device Management System (DMS) for managing large scale deployment of Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 2014
    Browan won the tender of hotspot access point of Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan
  • 2013
    Browan helped Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) to deploy Wi-Fi hotspot system at Havana, Cuba
  • 2012
    Browan worked with Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) to deploy Wi-Fi city at Hoi An, Vietnam
  • 2011
    Browan worked with Global Mobile to deploy Wi-Fi hotspot service (Taipei-Free) in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2010
    Browan launched on-premises Unified Communications System to businesses
  • 2009
    Browan launched WiMAX 802.16d 5GHz Pico Base Station and CPE products
  • 2008
    Browan deployed Wi-Fi outdoor access points in several arenas for Olympic Games 2008 Beijing
  • 2007
    Browan won the tender of hotspot access controller and Wi-Fi access point of China Mobile (CMCC) in China
  • 2007
    Browan launched the world's first Cable Express System in China
  • 2006
    Browan launched VoIP service platform (FreePP), including operation system and server, telephone adapter and soft-phone
  • 2006
    Gemtek Systems changed its name to Browan Communications
  • 2005
    Gemtek Systems entered Myanmar for e-government project
  • 2004
    Gemtek Systems worked with Chunghwa Telecom to deploy hotspot-in-a-box access points in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2003
    Gemtek Systems deployed network management system for China Telecom (Shanghai) in China
  • 2002
    Gemtek Systems launched carrier-grade hotspot solution, including network management system, access controller, outdoor and indoor access point