New MerryIOT SmartHome Sensors - Using Amazon Sidewalk - to be showcased at CES !

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Jan 3 rd , 2023 – Browan Communications Inc., a leading professional hardware and solution provider in the IoT space will announce the launch of a new range of Smart Home Sensors called MerryIoT at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The MerryIoT sensors will be showcased at CES through the One Amazon Pavilion.

The range consists of four sensors that will help address home security, air quality and leakage detection.

1.                   Air Quality CO2 sensor
2.                   Motion Detector
3.                   Door/Window Sensor
4.                   Water Leak Detector

MerryIoT supported Amazon Sidewalk products can stay connected over Amazon Sidewalk sub-GHz network, and integrated with mobile app & AWS cloud.

The sensors are fully operational out of the box wherever there is Amazon Sidewalk coverage.

It comes with free iOS/Android App for quick and simple setup!

Browan’s mission has always been enabling IoT and empowering everyday people to set up and experience the tremendous benefits of IoT of low-power long range features. We are confident that the expansion of Amazon Sidewalk coverage, long range feature, secure connection and the easy-to-use MerryIoT sensors will make it possible for everyone, independent of tech skills to benefit from these sensors.

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About Browan:

BROWAN COMMUNICATIONS  is one of the Gemtek Group’s companies that are focusing on leveraging the wireless technology Know-How accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of the Internet of Things.  We integrate the latest wireless technologies, including WiFi, BLE, LTE and LoRa, and customize our products to fit diverse customers’ demand for the vertical applications of IoT.  BROWAN’s innovative solutions combine proven, mature carrier/enterprise application integration technologies to serve the IoT market from customized design services, consultative engineering and commercialization of the products.